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shave soap

shave soap

This shave soap is hand made with stearic acid (derived from cotton seed), coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, glycerin, and our special fragrance blend of essential oils. The combination of plant based ingredients and dual lyes lends a rich, foamy lather for a fresh, clean cut. Treat your face the old-world way with a shave soap bar. Your face will thank you! Shave soaps also make a unique gift when paired with one of our shave brushes. They travel easy in a reusable aluminum container.Bring your empty tin into our store for 10% off a refill! 

  • Specifications:

    This shave soap is weighs three ounces. It comes in a round aluminum tin with a screw thread lid. They are 2.9" in diameter and 1.4" tall.

  • Care and Use:

    Place your shave soap in an enamel, wooden or stainless steel  mug or bowl. You can get a Douglas-Smith Soap Company enamel mug on this store. Soak your shave brush (also available on this store) in water. Vigorously circle the wet shave brush onto the soap (center and edges) to develop the lather into a foam. Add water to the brush if needed and continue until your desired amount of foam is reached. Brush the lather onto your face and neck. Shave and rinse. Empty any water from the mug. Leave the soap in the mug or on a soap dish to dry out completely before the next dish.

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