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soap sample pack

soap sample pack

A little over 6 oz of soap and a soap bag. Like surprises? We can select a bundle for you or you can message us with your preferences! This bundle comes with an all natural sisal mesh soap bag. It's durable and soft. It is a great tool to help produce a foamy lather and exfoliate when taking a bath/shower.  You can also hang it from your faucet so your soap sample can dry quickly. This will extend the life of your soap. This bundle is an excellent soap gift. 

  • Specifications:

    Each soap is a half of one of soaps (about 2.75 oz each. Each soap bag measures 5.5" x 3.7". They are made from natural sisal fibers which are a traditional material rough enough to clean and exfoliate yet gentle enough to keep your skin feeling smooth, safe and healthy. The cotton drawstring allows you to hang the soap bag in your shower or bathtub faucet to dry and keep your soap close at hand for the next use. 

  • Use and Care:


    Gently slide a bar of soap into the little drawstring bag and cinch it shut. Wet the soap bag under running water and  rub it between your hands to create friction, notice how the lather of the soap appears. Use the lathered soap bag to clean your skin with your desired pressure.  Once finished, rinse the soap bag and hang it on your faucet or set it on your soap dish.


    Remove the soap weekly (or daily)  and rinse the bag thoroughly with cold water. Repeat if necessary. Hang the bag and allow it to air dry completely.  For heavy stains, soak overnight. You can also put the bag in the delicate cycle of your washing machine (with other delicates)and let air dry. 

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