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lotion bar: cocoa butter

lotion bar: cocoa butter

This unscented, all natural solid lotion bar is made with Texas pecan oil, shea butter, undeoderized cocoa butter and yellow beeswax. It smells warm and nutty yet sweet. Cocoa butter solid lotion bars melt on skin contact and have multiple uses for all over the body. You can use them after shaving to soothe razor burn and moisturize dry elbows or knees. They can soothe dry lips, rashes or insect bites. They can help soften calluses, cuticles as well as soothe cracked skin on hands, heels and feet.

They make a unique multifunctional gift and travel easy in a reusable aluminum container.


Bring your tin to refill at our store for 10% off! 

  • Specifications:

    Cocoa butter lotion bars weigh 4 oz. and come in a round aluminum tin with a screw thread lid. They are 2.9" in diameter and 1.4" tall. 

  • Care and Use:


    Store your lotion bar in a cool or room-temperature space. Keep the lid closed to avoid dust or other particles.


    Use your lotion bar throughout the day on dry skin or apply it to slightly damp skin after you get out of the shower/bath. Warm the bar between your hands for a few seconds, working it into your palms, allowing it to melt just slightly until it glides easily onto your skin. Rub the bar directly onto your body. If you want to use it as a facial or beard moisturizer, apply it to your freshly washed face and/or beard after it has dried. 

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