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beard comb

beard comb

Shape and style your beard with precision using our palo santo wooden beard comb! Measuring 4 inches by 2.5 inches, it fits perfectly in your hand and a travel kit. Buy it with our Douglas Smith Co. barber's delight beard balm! 

  • Tips and Use:

    Hair is most susceptible to damage when wet, but you want it to be damp when you comb out. After showering or wetting your beard, dry it until it's about 75% dry.

    • Apply barber's delight beard balm from Douglas Smith Soap Company.
    • Begin by holding the Beard Comb with the teeth facing up and comb your beard upward and outwards with the wider teeth, starting from the neckline and working out towards the chin. This will add more volume to your beard.
    • Now that you’ve detangled the underside of your beard, it’s time to comb everything back down into place. Start an inch or two from the bottom of your beard and work down to the root. Eventually, work your way further up the jawline and cheeks.
    • For mustaches, brush outward from the middle with the finer teeth, fanning your mustache out and away from your mouth. Or, brush it all straight down if you’re rocking a walrus.
    • Apply a little more barber's delight beard balm to finish and shape your beard and/or mustache, using the comb to make final touches where necessary. 

    Important: never force the comb through any snags, tangles, or knots. Use small, gentle strokes until the comb glides through smoothly.

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